How Does Mind Mapping Aid Revision?

Mind-map; a diagram used to visually organize information, it is hierarchical and shows relationships among pieces of the whole. In terms of education, mind-mapping can be a powerful tool. Mind-maps can be used to formulate, imagine, structure and clarify ideas; aiding educational and business means. ... Read More



Unload Your Stress With Mind Mapping

Whilst workplace stress and stress-related absences are increasing, it seems that our understanding of how to manage our stress just cannot quite keep up! However, there are simple and quick methods we can use to help reduce our levels of stress, such as mind mapping! ... Read More



A History of Mind Mapping – Who, What and When?

The use of pictures and images for record-keeping (learning) and communication, stretches back thousands of years, with cave paintings in Cáceres believed to be around 60,000 years old, and those in East Kalimantan, Borneo, dated at 50,000 BC. ... Read More



Tap Into Your ‘Monkey Mind’ for Creativity

Sometimes, our brain seems to have a mind of its own. When this happens, our imagination bounces ideas off each other, regardless of logic and reasoning. This is often referred to as the ‘monkey mind’- a state of uncontrolled mind wandering. ... Read More



How Mind Mapping Benefits Learners with Dyslexia

People with dyslexia often struggle to organise their thoughts and visualise concepts. Using mind mapping software can help to structure ideas and organise writing in a more visual and colourful style of working. One of the many strengths associated with dyslexia is creativity. Many musicians, authors, actors, entrepreneurs and other creative people have dyslexia. So how can I use mind mapping to my advantage? ... Read More



"I Wonder How I Managed Beforehand?"

As a student going into a master’s qualification, memories of my time spent studying for my degree came flooding back. Although it had been 10 years since I completed my social work degree, I knew the hurdles I experienced as a result of having dyslexia would be there again ready for me to navigate. Academic studies don't come easy to me and returning to education was not a decision I took lightly. ... Read More



Four Problem Solving Tactics You Should Be Using With Your Team

There is a great importance of problem-solving skills in the workplace. Solving is a universal career skill that applies to any location and every industry. Although everyone has worked on some form of work-related problems in their workplace, not all employees are good at it. ... Read More



Pitch Like A Pro: With Ideamapper

The perfect pitch; The art of communication is the language of leadership. Are you delivering your pitch in a way that instils confidences in yourself and more importantly your colleagues and superiors? When delivering a pitch, it’s important to remember that although your ideas might be fantastic, if you’re not saying it right, you’re not going to get very far and unfortunately that’s the way it is. ... Read More



How Mind Mapping Can Help You Manage Stress in the Workplace?

At some stage in everyone’s life, they will experience some form of stress; whether it is work related or personal. Stress in the workplace can be normal and something everyone can experience at times, however excessive stress can have an impact on your mental health, which can then lead to you to experience the feelings of anxiousness and of feeling overwhelmed. ... Read More



How Mind Mapping Aids Memory Retention

Memory is an important part of our everyday life. Whether it’s remembering an important procedure or your weekly shopping list, we all use it. Many of us think that we are either born with a good memory or not. However, this is not the case. Like any training techniques, memory can be taught and improved by the way we process information. ... Read More



How to Get Exam Ready Using Ideamapper

Revising and studying for exams can be daunting and overwhelming. We may experience moments like these throughout our time at school, whilst studying at university or encounters in the workplace. The thought of revision, planning and preparing work in preparation for an exam, whilst trying to also remember key information, can become a real struggle. ... Read More



What is Visual Learning?

The way we perceive information varies across individuals; each person interprets stimuli in their own way. Because these differences are so vast, it alters the way we learn. Our learning can be visual, auditory, semantic or kinaesthetic. ... Read More



How Technology Boosts Creativity?

In this day and age, technology is something that we cannot escape. At every turn, there’s a new technological advance that is all the more exciting than the last. From flip phones to smartphones, from black and white films to virtual reality. It’s no wonder that we have become a society dependent on technology. Whilst accepting this fate, it’s imperative to know how to use this compulsion for technology to our advantage. Leading to the question, how can technology boost creativity? ... Read More



What Is A Mind Map?

A mind map is a visual thinking tool that allows you to brainstorm thoughts and ideas creatively and graphically. Mind mapping can be applied to all cognitive functions such as information processing, memory and creativity. They allow you to visually structure your ideas and thoughts using keywords that can trigger associations in the brain, to spark further ideas and initiate recall and analysis. ... Read More



Improving Productivity Through Mind Mapping

Overwhelmed with lots of writing assignments and numerous tasks to complete? Sometimes you need to arrange your thoughts and ideas in a clearer format. Creating mind maps to display your tasks/ideas, is an alternative way of organising and writing your pieces of work in a more visual format, using ideamapper can help you become more productive in everyday tasks. ... Read More



Fall into the Rabbit-Hole of Mind-Mapping

Being creative can be easier said than done. Thinking creatively at work can be beneficial to help you complete tasks and think up new ideas. There aren’t many opportunities to make use of colors, shapes and pictures while being productive and completing written work, but mind mapping is one way to incorporate all of these things into our work on a regular basis. ideamapper is one piece of mind mapping software which allows you to do just that, being able to make written work more interesting and visual. ... Read More