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ideamapper software!

The most responsive, intuitive mind mapping software for students

of all learning styles!

ideamapper is a visual mind mapping tool. It combines next-gen mind

mapping with word processing functionality, resulting in software that

enhances creativity, productivity and information retention. It works

because the brain can process visual clues must faster & easier than

written ones.


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Inspiration Importer!

Easily import and edit Inspiration* documents and continue to brainstorm your ideas.

The ideamapper family of software consists of:

ideamapper for kid

Suitable for Kindergarten—Grade 4

    • Helps to develop primary student’s analytical and writing skills.
    • Students can add a visual element to their writing by using the extensive clipart gallery.
    • Complex ideas can be visualized from different. perspectives using the 3D view tool, promoting, analytical thinking.
    • Strengthens student’s skills, helping them to turn great ideas into a piece of writing.



Suitable for Grades 5—12

  • Brainstorm & link ideas, restructure, edit and publish work within one program.
  • The unique split-screen view enables students to view their map and create a document at the same time.
  • Large maps are easy to view on one screen using the 3D view functionality.
  • Captures a user’s creativity, helps to increase productivity and broadens their understanding.

ideamapper for students

Suitable for students in College/University

  • Ideamapper4students has all the features of regular ideamapper, but includes a referencing functionality.
  • Students can add citations with ease. When quoting external sources, reference placeholders are added, which helps reduce accidental plagiarism.
  • The templates and academic phrase bank helps students to start their assignments with ease.
  • Helps students to create an accurate and well-referenced document.

ideamapper for students AT

Suitable for students in College/University with additional features

  • Ideamapper4studentsAT contains all the features of ideamapper4students but has additional assistive technology features.
  • Features include text-to-speech and paragraph structure highlighting.
  • Helps students to create work that is an accurate reflection of their ability, unclouded by their disability.

ideamapper pro

Suitable for Businesses

With ideamapperPRO you can brainstorm creative ideas, organize and manage thoughts,

prioritise tasks, simplify the management of large amounts of information and improve time management.

Not only that, once you have completed you can export your map into MS Word and
PowerPoint with one click and create a polished document or presentation.