Split-Screen View


Introduction to Split-Screen

Unique to ideamapper is the split-screen function, with ideas appearing visually as a map on one half of the screen and written text on the other.

The text is structured as it is set out on the map, with main topic headings and sub-headings in order. This is particularly helpful to students when outlining.

An outline is a hierarchical summary of written work, consisting of a series of written headings and sub-headings based on earlier brainstorming. From this, all written work follows.

With the split-screen view, moving an idea on the map automatically moves the corresponding text in the outline, so structure remains fluid throughout.

As both essay structure and written content can be viewed simultaneously, it is far simpler to remain focussed, stay on topic and retain information.

The ideamapper family of software consists of ideamapper4kids, ideamapper, ideamapper4college and ideamapperPRO, all with simple to use spilt-screen capability.


Benefits of Split-Screen

Create better work, faster

Helps students clarify ideas

Allows the user to see both context and detail simultaneously

Easier to structure large volumes of information

Helps students to stay ‘on topic’

Illustrates the student’s thinking process