Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is a visual method of capturing creativity, organizing information and prioritising ideas in order to create better structured work. It is presented in a hierarchical way, with a central idea or topic connected to more in-depth sub-topics or branches.

It is a simple way of presenting complex and detailed information that provides a greater understanding of a topic.

Students can use images or icons to represent ideas, chapters or characters in a particular assignment, with the visual ideas helping to increase comprehension.

Mind Mapping can also provide teachers with a valuable insight into their student’s creative process, ability to retain new information and their comprehension of the material.

Mind Mapping

Mind Maps in Education

The ideamapper family of software consists of ideamapper4kids, ideamapper, ideamapper4college and ideamapperpro. Our software utilizes this highly effective method of working, creating an environment whereby students can visually brainstorm, structure, write, edit & publish from one single application. This makes the entire process more efficient and allows students to be creative yet structured, inspired yet focussed.

Mind Mapping

Benefits of Mind Mapping

Students are free to brainstorm ideas without inhibition

Creates a better understanding of the connections between ideas

Encourages creative thinking

User can retain and recall more information

Thoughts and ideas can be organized, prioritized and presented easily