The Graphic Organizers


Graphic organizers are a simple yet powerful educational tool that positively impacts the learning of students of all abilities.

They emphasise creativity and the development of organizational thinking, by helping students visually organize and structure their thoughts in the pre-writing stage of an assignment.

They also help better explain the relationships between certain concepts and ideas.

With a Graphic Organizer, information can be split into more manageable sections, helping students to focus on a particular area of what may be a broad subject matter, enhancing comprehension.

What are Graphic Organizers?

Put simply, Graphic Organizers are visual tools that facilitate learning and broaden understanding. Graphic organizer is an all-encompassing term that can describe a variety of different visual learning techniques, which can include

  • mind-mapping
  • concept mapping
  • relationship charts
  • webbing

Benefits of Graphic Organizers

  • To help structure written work
  • Encourage creative thinking
  • Auto Link brainstorming
  • Helps students explore the relationships between thoughts and concepts
  • Simplifies the communication process
  • Helps to illustrate different students’ thinking processes
  • Enhance understanding of the subject matter


Teachers can also employ Graphic Organizers as a learning tool to explain to students how to take notes, manage large volumes of information, or organize and structure work.

The ideamapper family of software consists of ideamapper4kids, ideamapper, ideamapper4college and ideamapperpro. This innovative software helps students create Graphic Organizers that will organize their work, identify relationships and structure thoughts and ideas in a simple, visual way.