Concept Map


A Concept Map is a visual tool or diagram that shows the relationship between thoughts, ideas or concepts.

It is a popular method used in education as it makes it easy for students to organize, structure and display the knowledge they have gained on a particular subject.

Links are developed with the use of words or phrases that further explain these connections, allowing students to then structure and organize their work whilst broadening their understanding.

Concept Maps in Education

Although a fantastic learning and comprehension tool for students, Concept Maps can also be used by teachers to objectively evaluate student performance. As the teachers can clearly see the skills and knowledge demonstrated, as well as what is/isn’t understood.

The ideamapper family of software consists of ideamapper4kids, ideamapper, ideamapper4college and ideamapperpro.

All of which allow students the chance to create Concept Maps in as much detail as is necessary.

The software comes with a number of in-built templates, all of which provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their comprehension of a subject through the links or relationships between topics.

Benefits of Concept Maps

Concept mapping is a great way for students to:

Capture creativity through brainstorming

Explore and develop relationships between ideas

Broaden their knowledge base

Clearly communicate and present ideas

Improve the standard of their work