3D View


With ideamapper, students can be more interactive with their maps using the unique 3D view feature. This allows users to move around and over their maps as they see fit, providing a more tactile sense of the abstract.

This makes it easier to visualize the structure of larger workloads with ease, ensuring students don’t become over-faced with too much data and giving them more control over their work.

Benefits of 3D View

  • Improves information retention
  • Supports short term memory
  • Gives more control over larger workloads
  • Maintain focus
  • Improve structure

The ideamapper family of software consists of ideamapper4kids, ideamapper, ideamapper4college and ideamapperPRO. Each comes with this unique 3D feature, ensuring students can create maps in as little or as much detail as necessary, while still broadening understanding.