Mind Mapping, Visual Learning and Writing Tool 

Introducing ideamapper, a mind mapping, visual learning and writing tool, ideal for K-12 and Higher Education.
Learn, Plan, Write, Reference, Publish
Mind Mapping

Expand your mind's creativity, brainstorm thoughts and visualize ideas using mind maps.

Writing Tool

View and structure your ideas and text document all on one screen, using  Split-Screen View

Visual Learning

Pair text with images, colors and shapes to help increase information retention using concept maps and graphic organizers.


Visual Learning & Study Skills Series

Choose from an extensive list of STEM based revisions activities in Concept map and Graphic Organizer format, or create your own with ideamapper's visual learning tool. By pairing images with words students learn information faster and retain it for longer.


and Plan!

Brainstorm all the points you want to discuss in your document, no matter how relevant you think they will be. 
There is no order at this point, all idea's are equally important.


and Customize!

Use clipart and change the color of the documents to help create visual cues for the brain. Add a Table of Contents, Tables, Images and use 3D View to manipulate larger maps.


Write with Split-Screen view!

View both the map and the text document at the same time in Split-Screen. The map serves as a visual cue, reminding the user what section of the document they are writing on, in relation to the whole document, to prevent the user going off track.


Publish and 
Present your work!

Publish your document as an ideamapper document or export to Word*, PDF or present your document in Power Point**.

(Requires Microsoft Word* and Powerpoint**)

  K12 Templates

Explore 1000+ common core lesson plan templates to enhance classroom instruction and improve student performance across the K-12 Curriculum .

 List of K-12 Features

Ideamapper has a lot of amazing features which make this software very versatile and useful for many tasks.

3D View

Create Idea 

Paint Ideas

Import Mind Maps

Auto Link

Phrase Bank




Sticky Idea

Spell Check


Created for K-12
Ideamapper for K-12 simplifies the learning and writing process to help students increase information retention and contains all the tools you need to write a well structured document.
Created for students in College/University
Ideamapper’s Higher Education editions simplifies the writing process and contains all the tools you need to write a well structured and referenced document.
Created for businesses
Ideamapper Pro  is a simple, highly effective planning and productivity tool that makes it easy to capture creativity, organize thoughts and manage projects more effectively.

Pricing Options

This table shows a selections on the features available on either ideamapper or ideamapper4students. Click 'More Pricing Options' to view different currencies and purchasing methods.

Brainstorming (Color & Hierarchical Structure)
Split-Screen View
Print Map and Text View
Example Maps
"3D" View
Multiple layout options
Touch Screen Interface
Clipart Library
Insert Tables/Images
Export to Word(*) & PowerPoint (**)
Available on Win, Mac & Linux
Visual Learning Lesson Activities
Academic Phrasebank
Bibliography/Referencing tool Harvard, Indexed styles

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