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Learn, Plan, Write, Publish .

Ideamapper for K-12 simplifies the learning and writing process to help students increase information retention and contains all the tools you need to write a well structured document.

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Choose from an extensive list of STEM based revision activities in Concept Map and Graphic Organizer format, or create your own with ideamapper’s visual learning tool.

By pairing images with words, students learn information faster and retain it longer.


Plan your document

Brain dump all the points you want to discuss in your document, no matter how relevant you think it will be.

There is no order at this point, every idea is equally important/not important as the other.


Structure your document

Use clipart and change the color of the documents to help create visual cues for the brain.

Add a Table of Contents, Tables and Images and use 3D view to manipulate larger maps.


Write your document

Add text in Split-Screen to see and manipulate the map.

The map serves as a visual cue, reminding the user what section of the document they are writing on in relation to the whole document, to prevent the user going off track.


Publish your document

Publish your document as an ideamapper document or export to Word, PDF or present your document in Power Point.

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