Version 3.0.0013 (September 2020): Link Titles and Customization, Mac Specific Trackpad Gestures

IdeaMapper Release Notes Version 3.0.0013, Date 9. September 2020 Link Titles and Customization, Mac Specific Trackpad Gestures

Which editions are affected?

  • All editions are affected (i.e. IdeaMapper, IdeaMapper4Kids, IdeaMapper4Students, IdeaMapper4StudentsAT and IdeaMapperPro)

How to get this update?

Is this a free update?

  • Yes.

What’s new?

  • You can now add titles to links and customize the color, width and shape of links even further. These changes are especially beneficial when creating concept and cause and effect maps (see the built-in examples).
  • We have updated the example files to give you better examples of what you can do with our software.
  • On macOS the program now supports a lot of the Mac specific trackpad gestures.

What’s different?

  • Improved text-to-speech settings and functionality.
  • Improved drag&drop of images from your web browser.
  • Improved presentation mode control.
  • Improved support for accessibility.
  • Other small improvements.

What’s planned?

  • Future releases will further improve on the mapping and accessibility.

Bug fixes

  • This release contains bug fixes in various areas of the code.