Version 2.8 (January 2019): Licensing, Word Export

Version 2.8 (January 2019): Licensing, Word Export

Main Feature: Word Export, New Licensing Options "Site" and "Email" Licensing

Word Export

The word export has been greatly improved in this release. The program now creates not only DOCX format but it will add bibliographic references, images and tables.

Site Licensing

The new site licensing option allows us to create a license for an entire network and makes it extremely easy to license the software without having to enter license keys. Please contact us for more information.

Email Licensing

The new email licensing option also makes it very simple to issue licenses to users, please contact us for more information.

Please note both site and email licensing are only available with subscription licenses.

Version 2.8.0007

This release fixes a number of issues found with the previous minor release, in particular issues surrounding the clipart viewer and it also addresses performance issues.

Version 2.8.0006

This is the first public release of version 2.8.