Version 2.2 (October 2012): Paragraph Structure Highlighting

Version 2.2 (October 2012): Paragraph Structure Highlighting

Main Features: Paragraph Structure Highlighting

Paragraph Structure Highlighting:

When enabled the program changes the background colour of the sentences in each paragraph to "red, amber, green" to indicate topic sentence, main argument and concluding sentence. This helps to improve the clarity and structure of the document.

Ideamap editing:

On the idea map, when there are several ideas stacked on top of each other, you can now send an idea to the background.
On the idea map you can now double click onto a Table of Contents or Bibliography idea to see the contents.
When you select an idea that is connected and click Delete the idea is first disconnected. To delete you must click Delete again.

File Save:

You can now save text or map as PDF.
You can save the text as outline only.

Text Editing:

Text colour can now be accessed from the main toolbar.
Text highlighter can now be accessed from the main toolbar.
OpenDyslexic font is now part of the installer and can be used throughout the program.
Can now change the font throughout the text by using Select All for the text in the main idea and then change the font. An additional animation explains how this works.

Bibliography changes:

When you double click on a reference in the references the reference gets opened and you can edit it.
List of References now shows references that are used at the top and the unused ones at the bottom.
Bibliographic references are no longer shown in text view as this lead to confusion. Instead when you double click on a reference (in text or idea map) the reference is opened and can be changed.
Bibliography now supports quotes: If the quote field in the reference is used, and if “use quotes” is turned on in the bibliography style then the program will automatically insert the quote into the text for the very first time the reference is used in the text.
Harvard style reference list now uses a hanging indent to visually separate references from each other.

Update check:

The program will now check at regular intervals whether there is a new update available and if so will prompt the user to download the update.

Bug fixes:

This release contains numerous bug fixes in various areas of the code.

Upgrade Information:

Any 1.0,1.1,1.2,2.0,2.1 license keys will work with this release. We do recommend that you uninstall first, then remove the "IdeaMapper" folder from your computers Program Files folder (or Program Files (x86)) and then download and install this update. There is no need to re-enter the license key or to reactivate.