Version 2.1 (July 2012): Improved Help, Idea Map Editor and Text Editor

Main Features: Improved Help, Idea Map Editor and Text Editor


New animations. We have created all new animations which are shorter and which address most aspects of the program. With Help->Animated Help... you can access these animations.

Idea Map Editor:

Automatically change the colour of ideas when they are being connected. This is to help the user to see the structure of the document. The colour can be changed again afterwards.
Connect ideas by dragging one on top of the other and wait for about half a second while keeping the mouse button pressed. The idea is connected and changes colour and can be dragged away again. This makes it easier than ever to create connections.
Split links to make introducing additional headings easier. Just select one or more link at the same level and right-click to select "Insert idea", this will insert the new idea.
Hyperlinks can be turned into bibliographic references proper when pasted into the idea map.
Hyperlinks and Bibliographic Reference ideas are now showing a little icon indicating their type.

Text Editor:

Highlighter pen lets you mark selected text.
Direct access for increase / decrease font size from the toolbar.
Direct access for the font colour from the toolbar.
Links in the text are protected automatically.
References to parts of the text can be added very easily with the "Add Reference" button while editing text.
Double line spacing is now supported for print preview and printing.

Usability and Look-and-Feel:

Toolbars automatically hide and show depending on the context. This creates a much cleaner look and allowed us to avoid having to use a "ribbon".
Text labels underneath the toolbar buttons can be turned on (for beginners).
The skin can be changed from "Calm Blue" to "Dot Net" depending on the user's preference.

Table of Contents:

The table of contents is now a table which contains the word counts.
The table of contents can be sorted by clicking on the table header.


Hyperlinks can be turned into bibliographic references proper when pasted into the idea map.
Much easier to insert references using the "Add Reference" button while editing text.
When the program inserts a reference list or a reference it will use a quick algorithm to make space on the idea map so that the map continues to look tidy.

Bug Fixes:

Print idea map now prints the entire map, not just the visible portion.
Idea icon grows automatically when the title becomes large.
List of References is now cleaned up, no more orphaned colons.
More small bugs have been fixed, the list is too exhaustive for these notes.