Version 2.0 (January 2012): Bibliography, Word Counts

Main Features: Bibliography, Word Counts

Bibliography Support

IdeaMapper now comes with bibliography support. Users can add references to books, articles etc. and the program automatically creates a reference list. The initial release supports an indexed style and Harvard notation style. References can be imported in EndNote™ or RIS format.

Word Counts:

Word count on a per section level. Students can now better balance their essays by using the word counting facility. The program shows how many words are contained in a section and all the sub-sections.

Further Changes:

Additional shapes and fill options.
Import files directly onto the map. Files can be imported into the map which makes it easier to assemble large essays.
"Hide everything else" feature. Users can concentrate on one part of the map.
Automatically change the colour of ideas when they are being connected. This is to help the user to see the structure of the document. The colour can be changed again afterwards.
Connect ideas by dragging one on top of the other and wait for about half a second while keeping the mouse button pressed. The idea is connected and changes colour and can be dragged away again. This makes it easier than ever to create connections.
Upgrade Information:
Any 1.0,1.1 and 1.2 license keys will work with this release.

Upgrade to Qt5.