Version 1.2 (July 2011): Text-to-Speech, Additional Texteditor Features and Templates

Version 1.2 (July 2011): Text-to-Speech, Additional Texteditor Features and Templates

Main Features: Text-to-Speech, Additional Texteditor Features and Templates


IdeaMapper now comes with built-in text-to-speech. This can be activated in both the idea map and the linear text view. The voices that are part of the Windows installer are the standard SAPI5 voices. Any SAPI5 voices can be used by changing the voice in the control panel.

Additional Editing Features in Text View:

The editable text view now allows the user to change text formatting just like in the idea editor that is available as double-click on an idea. This also includes Undo/Redo.

Embedded Images:

Images can now be embedded in the text. Drag & drop of image files on the computer can be used but also cut & paste of images for example from a web-browser window.

Additional "Arts" Dictionary:

The Arts dictionary is very comprehensive and contains many special terms used in arts.

Additional Templates:

A number of templates has been added which all contain tips that guide the user on how to use the templates.

Behaviour Differences:

In version 1.1 we introduced a change in how ideas are added. Ideas can only be added if the program is in "Create Ideas Mode", signified by active "Sparks Flying" button. To enter this mode the user had to click this button which led to confusion. From this release on a double-click on the idea map will both create a new idea and also enter the "Create Ideas Mode".
Animated scroll and autoarrange. Scrolling and autoarrange are now animated, making it easier to remember the context of the area of the ideamap or text that is being worked on.

Bug Fixes:

This version contains a number of bug fixes.



Version 1.2.0006: This version fixes a problem with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) where the license key could not be stored on the computer.