Version 1.1 (June 2011): Improved brainstorming mode, Save Settings, Table of Contents Idea

Version 1.1 (June 2011): Improved brainstorming mode, Save Settings, Table of Contents Idea

Main Features: Improved brainstorming mode, Save Settings, Table of Contents Idea.

Change of how ideas are created:

Creating ideas is now only possible if the "create ideas/brainstorm mode" button is pressed.
If an idea title is entered and the "Enter" key is pressed, a new idea is created, just like in the previous brainstorm mode.
If a new document is created (File->New Blank) the program goes automatically into "create ideas/brainstorm" mode.
If an existing document is loaded, the program will not be in this mode, thus preventing ideas from being created accidentally.

Additional "Edit->Save Settings" option:

Previously, the user had to change the "blank" template to modify the default settings. Now the "Edit->Save Settings" option allows the user to speed up this process by saving the settings in the correct location.
If the document already contains ideas these are ignored - the blank template will never contain ideas.

Table of Contents idea:

To add a table of contents to a document, right click anywhere on the map and select "Add->Table of Contents". Then connect the new idea to the main idea to add a table of contents to your text document. In the text view the table of contents is a list of links to the various sections, by clicking on a link the text view will scroll to the respective sections. Note that in the "table of contents idea" can be connected to a sub heading, thus creating a table of contents of that section.

Examples for Higher Education:

There are a number of additional examples for higher education, showing how the program can be used.

Smooth scrolling of the map and text view:

When clicking on an idea in the map view the text view will automatically scroll to this idea and visa versa.
This scrolling is smooth, thus being ideal for people with short term memory problems who find swapping of window contents particularly confusing. As the map and text are scrolling the user can intuitively grasp the correct relationship of ideas.

Smooth scrolling of auto arrange:

Auto arrange will move the ideas smoothly to their new location.
This helps a user with short term memory problems to retain the relationship between ideas.

Mouse wheel scrolls through the ideas:

When the user uses the mouse wheel in the idea map view the ideas will be selected in the order they will be printed.

MacOS/X version:

IdeaMapper is now available for MacOS/X (minimum 10.4)

Bug Fixes:

A number of bugs were fixed in this release, serious and minor bugs.
Zoom 100% now works
Can now double-click on a file in Windows explorer to load files
Print preview fixed if no page size