How Technology Boosts Creativity?

In this day and age, technology is something that we cannot escape. At every turn, there’s a new technological advance that is all the more exciting than the last. From flip phones to smartphones, from black and white films to virtual reality. It’s no wonder that we have become a society dependent on technology. Whilst accepting this fate, it’s imperative to know how to use this compulsion for technology to our advantage. Leading to the question, how can technology boost creativity?

This newfound world of innovative software has meant that little seems impossible. It has allowed for the inhibited education of the masses and an outlet to express who we are. Our society has increased its potential to engage in experiences and activities that lead to greater creativity.


But, it has been pointed out that technology would decrease our creativity because we ‘know too much’ and ‘lack originality’. However, it has only enabled the neurodiversity to thrive and flourish, due to the advanced essay writing software and mind mapping software available. The demise of Inspiration® allowed ideamapper to take control of the educational sector, demonstrating the importance of maintaining expansions and updates.

Neurodiverse individuals struggle to turn visual thinking into written text. But due to the best mind mapping outlets available, this is no longer a barrier to success. This has allowed us to turn chaotic thoughts into a perfectly constructed essay, allowing creativity to improve ten-fold.

Mind mapping technology can be used to explore different ideas and visualize the potential links between them. This ranges from simply gathering ideas, to project planning; thus, permitting endless creative reign in a simple and effective manner.

Creating a mind map is extremely simple.

Once you have a central idea, the simple click of a mouse starts the ball rolling. From there, creativity can flow freely to expand on this foundation or even to create new ideas. The ability to add text and develop on these points increases the efficiency of using the software. Whilst, the attachment of pictures, hyperlinks, references, and graphs expands its visual capabilities. Then with the click of a button, the map can become a written essay. In this sense, creativity is used as a portal for professional and academic means. In simpler terms, mind mapping software can be used for organization or daily planning. Therefore, answering the question, how does technology boost creativity?