How Mind Mapping Can Help You Manage Stress in the Workplace?


At some stage in everyone’s life, they will experience some form of stress; whether it is work related or personal. Stress in the workplace can be normal and something everyone can experience at times, however excessive stress can have an impact on your mental health, which can then lead to you to experience the feelings of anxiousness and of feeling overwhelmed.

Stress in the workplace can vary in severity; many individuals can be stressed about their workload, or having short time frames to complete tasks and struggling to organize or even start a new project for example.

A great way to help you overcome these issues and struggles, whilst aiding you at the same time to be able to think outside the box and challenge your stress, using a different approach, is to use mind mapping.

Mind mapping is a great technique which can be used daily to support someone within the workplace and learning setting. Mapping involves brainstorming, planning and creating timetables and can even help you to put together presenting ideas.

Mind mapping can also assist with any external pressures and support you when trying to clear your mind, especially when you feel you have a ‘scatter brain’ due to information overload.

It is important when mind mapping, to use all of the information in your brain to help you in the creation of an illustration, of what is causing you stress. You will be able to break down the information and prioritize your workload, in an order that is most important and then not so important, to help reduce your stress levels. Mind mapping can assist you also, in allowing you to explore your thoughts, emotions and ideas. Mind maps provide the perfect canvas for the picture to be drawn, giving you a flawless ending/creation.

If for example you have a project at work and this is increasing your stress, mapping the idea of the project or anything you have in mind will allow you to explore your thoughts. This is very similar to bullet pointing, however creating maps will allow you to add in images and color code, which can make it easier to absorb. This will then help in allowing you to understand the root cause of your stress. Mind maps will also allow you to gather your notes, which you may have laying on your desk and to create instead a visual picture, to help sort through the brain fog.